USANA’s founder, Dr. Myron Wentz, is an internationally recognized microbiologist, immunologist, and pioneer in infectious disease diagnosis. In 1974, he founded Gull Laboratories to develop viral diagnostics, and his greatest successes during this time included the first commercially available diagnostic test for Epstein-Barr virus, better known as the virus that causes mononucleosis.


Dr. Myron Wentz blazed a new trail in the field of cellular health in 1992 when he founded USANA and created superior supplements with advanced levels of antioxidants. Through rigorous study and ceaseless research, USANA continues to break new ground by identifying the broadest range of cellular processes that can be influenced by nutrients. Their 60+ in-house researchers and scientists have distilled decades of scientific findings across a number of fields into precisely balanced product formulations.

Athlete Guarantee Program

Trust is a major issue for athletes competing for a place in the Olympics and other high profile athletic competitions. Taking nutritional supplements to help maintain health shouldn’t place an athlete at risk for testing positive for a banned substance. Broadly publicized allegations of contaminants in supplements lead many top athletes to wonder if taking supplements will jeopardize their future ability to qualify for competition. In fact, national Olympic committees have warned athletes of the potential danger of contaminants, encouraging them not to consume any nutritional supplements.

To date, no nutritional supplement company has stepped forward to assume their portion of the liability that a banned substance contamination would create. USANA offers an ironclad solution through its Athlete Guarantee Program. This confident stance in a high stakes venture strengthens our industry-leading position and affirms our commitment to providing “Nutritionals You Can Trust.”

With more than 700 professional athletes on Team USANA, it’s easy to see they trust their health is in good hands with USANA’s nutritional supplements. But hey, why not hear it from the athletes themselves? Listen as they explain why they choose USANA to fuel their award-winning performances.


There’s a reason they are named MySmartFoods. “My” means you can personalize your protein shakes to your individual tastes and health goals. And “Smart” means a balanced ratio of macronutrients to help you sustain energy and reach your fitness goals. Watch this video to get the full scoop!

Now, if you’re questioning whether or not you should choose USANA – especially when there are plenty of cheap supplements lining the shelves of any given discount store – ask yourself: Am I willing to invest a little more to ensure that the nutritional products my family and I take are safe and effective?